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Swimming, Sparkly Stars and Indiana Jones: 10 random things that saved my ass this week

In no particular order.. 1. Sparkly stars.  I often *feel* crafty but rarely am successful at completing a nice craft.  So I decided to keep it super simple and make some of these.  It is such a small thing, but … Continue reading

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Why I’ll never look great in a bikini (and I don’t care)

Ladies, look at this bikini: is it not the cutest, sexiest thing on the planet?  Would you feel confident slipping it on, showing off your flat abs and prancing around on a beach? I’m going to guess that most of … Continue reading

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Moments of clarity

This morning a coworker commented on how I ‘look glazed over’. Throughout my life I’ve heard similar things from people: “you look…” (tired, glazed, spacey). I think that they sometimes assume that I’m daydreaming, slacking, not paying attention or uninterested. … Continue reading

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