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I blog because…

Today’s DP topic: Why do you blog?.  The question seems simple, but is loaded. First I want to make the distinction between blogging and writing.  It’s easy to talk about why we write, but why, specifically, do we want to use … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Today’s DP: Tell us about a guilty pleasure you hate to love. When I first read this I thought, ooooh, fun, I can write about something bad.  Something that gives me that little high that I get when I’m doing … Continue reading

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Why I’ll never look great in a bikini (and I don’t care)

Ladies, look at this bikini: is it not the cutest, sexiest thing on the planet?  Would you feel confident slipping it on, showing off your flat abs and prancing around on a beach? I’m going to guess that most of … Continue reading

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