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I Know I Don’t Want This Anymore.

I want to let go now—to finally, completely stop. I am tired of looking at my reflection and almost breaking into tears when I see how, at certain angles (most angles) my body puckers and hangs and bulges the wrong … Continue reading

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I decided to be honest.

You’re gone again, just like the last time, and the time before that. Over and over again, there you went. The spaces between our visits varied: first came big gaps, then smaller. Then when you really left, it was a leap across our country, then … Continue reading

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A Certain (a-) Symmetry

Something about the way I learned to lean backwards cross-sectional on the sofa obliterated Composed well, but weirdly— almost deconstructed to the core point of reference, maybe. Laughing and loopy A bent and staggering mess holding steady (ish) enough to … Continue reading

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