About me: straight up

All my life I have wanted to “be” a writer.  People ask me what I want to write about.  I can never really answer this question, except by saying that I can’t not write.

I write to reconcile what’s happening in the world, in my head, and my heart.

This blog is about expressing my truth, and about learning yours.  It’s about connecting on this most visceral level, maybe without even ever meeting in person.

Big life changes, small moments, in-between, medium-dull things.  It all matters.  How we process our internal thoughts and see the world outside …it matters.

I write to reflect on the things we say, what we do, the way we are.  The ways we act and react.  The ways we sustain ourselves at work, play, and in-between.  The ways we learn and decision-make.  Our relationships with our bodies, minds, friends, families, partners, co-workers, communities.

I write what I really think.  I write to feel whole.  I write because I can’t help but speak my truth through this medium.

Heart-writing is what I do.  It’s not my work, or my passion, even: it’s more of an instinct.  I write because I can.  And because I am.

I’m so excited to explore the infinite possibilities that can arise as my soul slowly unfolds into the world.

There is so much I want to learn from you too.

you are truly fantastic


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