So goes the capitalist game — -and he just won again.

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“Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work together for the benefit of all.” ~ John Maynard Keynes

Capitalism is based on this premise: selling ideas for personal profit.

When you need to convince someone of an idea, you need to find the target market — -that is, you find the people that will buy your idea. This idea can be a good or a service that legitimately improves the buyer’s life; if it doesn’t, we can offer a money back guarantee.

When we sell things with a guarantee, we are choosing an option to work with some honesty and transparency within the relatively unforgiving confines of the self-obsessed capitalist regime. This is one small way of using the system to the benefit of all parties, though there are plenty of other working models that present a more egalitarian scenario.

Clearly, Trump has a lot of practice working this system. For the past 19 months, he’s just been doing what he always does: finding his target market — -the people that were the most easily convincible — and selling his idea of “change.”

He’s got the balls and money (clout) to get up in people’s faces and sell. And he’s good at it.

Only Trump doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. The way that he operates will never benefit of the majority. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not understand or care to operate in such a way that — well, cares about people.

The fact that so many people (supposedly) swung right in the US election sends a huge message to the world: that there are too many people willing to turn a blind eye to the terrible behaviour of a person in the hopes that the person will help them “get ahead.”

They think that Trump is going to help them “get in the game” — -but in the very act of believing this, they’ve already lost.

He’s already beat them in the game, so why would he help them now?

The people that he “got” to —that he switched, if that was the case, or even that voted for him in protest — many of these people, the vulnerable populations, are going to be the most effected by this government. They’ll wait for “change” and then at the end of the day, claim it never came. Then they’ll vote again, a few years later, because they need that person to changethem. That’s the scary part, that people think they have to depend on this one person to change things, because the last person didn’t do “enough.”

And they may never see it, because they never learned how to ask the questions that need to be asked.

Trump just handed them the exact thing that they shouldn’t want: a ruler that clearly doesn’t care about the good of the whole.

I’m sure there were many factors playing into these disastrous election results, including racism, sexism, and a whole host of other maddening factors. But the thing that saddens me the most about this decision is that it is an indication of a perceived lack of choice in their own lives, be it through a protest vote or a push for change. The very fact that they believe one person/government will forever have a hold on their lives is the limiting factor.

It’s now official: It looks like Trump can buy/bully/rig/manipulate/coerce his way into anything — if the people on the other side of the deal fall for it. And no one on the bottom (the 99%) will be better off.

He has just completed a whole new level of manipulating the system and other people for personal gain.

So goes the capitalist game — and he just won again.


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