keep your coins

In this recent post I outlined some promises to myself for 2014, but I’d missed this big, big one: Ask for what you want.

Not like a kid whining for a toy that they think they want, but the real stuff. The heart stuff. The life stuff.

Directly, specifically, clearly.

Do it now. Do it reasonably.

Maybe sometimes it will seem less reasonable for some part of the party in question, but if you are sure of it, do it anyway.

Do it with a good balance of humility and audacity—depending on what the circumstance requires—but do it anyway.

If it seems scary but right, it means you need to do it even more.

The ‘need’ is more about expressing the want, rather than necessarily ‘getting’ the want met.

Be okay if the answer is no, because sometimes it will be.

Sometimes, the answer will be yes and then you will receive exactly what you asked for.

Then you will realize that it’s not what really want you needed or wanted at all, but you will have a better idea of what you need and want regardless.

Sometimes we won’t know if or when we will get what we want, and so we will have to rest in the uncertainty, in the in-between.

The in-between can offer us opportunity for patience, reflection, real work, true joy.

I am pushing myself to take steps into other (scary) places instead of going inside to hide.

I’m learning how to settle out.

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