Taking a Break From Work to Write


But this break isn’t really about writing.

It’s about practicing other things that allow for greater compassion.

I regularly seek coffee-shop clarity.

So that my posts come out as more than vague thought-clumps.

So that community comes.

Really good writing cuts to the core instead of dancing around the edges; I’m afraid that I’ve been dancing around a little in my neuroses—a stifled jig at the edge of my bed, my head.

In some safe spot that rests on a foundation of stuck-sadness, muddy and thick.

Real writing requires transparency and movement.

I glimpse little pieces of this in the paths that condensation drips draw down the window panes, mini-rivulets carving clear streams through the fog.

Good writing carves new pathways between hearts.

One thought on “Taking a Break From Work to Write

  1. Any writing that provokes thought or emotion is real, lovely lady. You’re very real, every step of your beautiful way. Love You.

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