I don’t really remember day


Today is Remembrance Day, but what makes me feel sad is that I don’t really remember. I can’t.  

I am trying to think about the heroes that put their lives on the line so that we can be free. 

That is, I guess, how it happened. And yes, they were brave. I want to honour and respect what they did for us.

I am not very well versed on my own family history, and besides that I (many of us) will never really know what it was like to be involved in the war at any level. I feel disconnected.   

When I try to put myself in someone’s shoes, as I read stories about people in combat or women waiting at home, or anything in-between, I feel just plain sad.

Many of them did not actually have any agency in this matter. They were sent to sacrifice and be sacrificed. 

I don’t think that the only way to freedom is through the fight, and I don’t like how we still think that this is true. 

I don’t believe in the idea of governments offering young, naive (working class and often poor) citizens glorified visions of war and other benefits only so that they can use them. ‘You’ll be a hero.’ Well, maybe on paper. Maybe after experiencing trauma on such deep levels that you will be scar(r)ed for life by the time you come back.

You will be a new person, that’s for sure.   

What I have is not an actual memory, but a feeling that it was all wrong from the getgo, and that there must be alternative (peaceful) solutions.

With all due respect to our veterans, the military, and other war participants, I still need to believe that we are smarter, kinder, and braver than to believe that fighting and killing and destruction is the right answer. 



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