Millennials: We Suck. But It’s Okay, Because We’re Going to Change the World

This is brilliant. I so relate.

The Diary of an Urban Yogi

Earth By NightIt’s time to stop giving out trophies for participation and get real: we’ve got some work to do.

For a long time in human history, trade skills were passed along by way of masters to apprentices. Someone who was really good at something took on one or more little fledgelings, who went around and did basically intern work while learning the master’s craft. After a number of years, when the master felt it was time, he would release the new little craftsmen into the world, where they would be treated as equals. And there were good masters and bad masters, but that’s beside the point: trades had lineage, which could be traced back. These lineages became schools of thought.

At some point, a transition to the university system began, well before the United States was entering the world stage. In some trades, lineage was exchanged for a degree when…

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