I’ve been otherwise engaged…

baby elephant

…over at elephant journal over the past few months, mostly editing and social media-ing as an editorial apprentice. If you are looking to get some experience in this realm, keep an eye out for when they are recruiting their next cohort.

Ele is a (meaningful) content machine! I’ve edited about 30 articles in the past few months. That has been awesome practice for future work; amongst the many things I’ve learned, I’ve discovered that one thing I love doing is finding the perfect (‘clickable’) title.

For my writing, this has been an excellent way to build a network, get exposure, build my portfolio and get more efficient at all elements of blogging.

The (virtual) ele-friends I’ve made are so brilliant and incredibly supportive. I feel like they are truly of the same ilk.

There is so much great writing going on over there, which inspires me to write more often, try different (blog) genres, stay (get more) personal, and hone the craft. Here are some of the pieces I’ve published there recently:

Thanks for checking me out, and happy writing!

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