Dream: creating something out of nothing

+ Picasso, Bulls Head 1942I had a dream last night that something was coming to fruition, some idea of mine, that sprung from two completely different concepts that I’d fused together.  It was some sort of (side) business idea, and it was something I was passionate about.  It was fun.  

I remember feeling like some people didn’t think I could do it.  Some people thought I was crazy.  And a few people jumped on the bandwagon.

It felt like I had made something out of nothing, or at least out of little resources, or I was lost and I had just sort of found a way through something.  It was something that made others happy and gave me this intense sense of accomplishment.

Always in my dreams I have a notion, a feeling, a nuance of what is needed but I can’t quite grasp the how or the what of it.

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