Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Today’s DP: Tell us about a guilty pleasure you hate to love.

When I first read this I thought, ooooh, fun, I can write about something bad.  Something that gives me that little high that I get when I’m doing something I’m really not supposed to do.  My mind started wandering towards the sex, drugs, rock and roll realm of things.

I love you Bowie
I love Bowie

My curiosity piqued, I began to read what others were writing about.  After reading a few, I started feeling pretty guilty about my guilty pleasures.  They seem much more extreme than Pinterest, Jesus Christ Superstar, Twilight, and special coffees.

(Now, Pawn Stars.  That is something I could get into.  That’s a little bad ass.)

So, fellow bloggers.  I don’t mean to pick on you, but take this as a friendly nudge: on the one hand, you might need to have more fun.  On the other, you are probably way healthier and more well-balanced than me if these truly are your guilty pleasures.  Besides this, it’s inspiring me to think of another prompt that gets you to expose your true bad ass side. 😉

I just read Hastywords’ daily prompt post which clarified where my head was at: it immediately went to the ‘hate to love’ part of this prompt. That is the part of the prompt that lead me into thinking of more intense, life-altering things, like relationships.


So here is one thing I hate to love: Bad boys.  I have (basically) learned why I shouldn’t date them.  But I still like looking and flirting and thinking about being whisked away on the back of that motorcycle.  Yes please.

Now, about that guilty pleasure: I’m trying, really hard to think of something.  You know why I can’t?

Life is too short to ascribe the world ‘guilt’ to these little pleasures. Seriously, do it or don’t, but if or when you choose to do it, please just do yourself a favor and enjoy the heck out of it!  

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

  1. I would Like to point out I indicated I do not consider the things I posted as guilty pleasures. I said they used to be right now I couldn’t give a rats ass. I do NOT assign guilt for anything Thank you for the pingback and the post.

  2. I am married but before running into my normal man, I had my fair share of falling for guys who weren’t so great for me. And really, I tried to think of “worse” things for the post and couldn’t find any. Maybe I’m not a bad-ass LOL although my colleagues seem to think I am b/c my pet is a tarantula.

    1. I think that owning a tarantula qualifies you as a bad ass :). I really don’t judge either way — everyone has a bit of rebel in them. I thought that it was just funny that I expected to read about some juicier guilty pleasures when I first read the prompt. Thanks for the comment!

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