Swimming, Sparkly Stars and Indiana Jones: 10 random things that saved my ass this week

In no particular order..sparkly star

1. Sparkly stars.  I often *feel* crafty but rarely am successful at completing a nice craft.  So I decided to keep it super simple and make some of these.  It is such a small thing, but it made me happy.

2. Swimming.  I’ve missed a few weeks, and I went during the day, and wow, did it flip my mindset to happy.

3. The establishment of a new (pre-work) first-thing-in-the-morning ritual: 5 minutes of crazy apartment dancing to uplifting/empowering music.  Try it!

4. The dirty old man joke.  No kidding, I was sitting at the legion with my friend John, and this old man hobbled over, and asked us if we wanted to hear a joke. We said ‘sure’ and then he asked us why Santa doesn’t have any kids…because he only comes once a year and it goes up the chimney.  Then he walked away without saying anything more, not even ‘have a good night’ or something.  It was priceless!

5. Not shopping.  Yes, I said NOT shopping.  Something about shopping makes me queasy sometimes.  I thought I wanted to, but didn’t purchase anything.  This was a wise choice.

6. Frozen pizza.  I know damn well that cooking makes me feel good, especially cooking healthy things.  I caved and bought a frozen pizza the other day, and was able to bring it to a friend’s house to share, instead of cooking for her, which I’d wanted to do, but it just didn’t fit into my day.  It worked out well..more time to visit with her!

indiana jones7. Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I finally found a good copy of this movie and – well – it’s brilliant.  I just don’t understand how a movie like that could be SO GOOD.  The thing that blew me away was how many scenes I remembered so vividly from my early childhood.  I laughed, I cried, I wished for my own Harrison Ford to take me on an archaeological adventure in Ciaro.  Well, maybe one day.

8. Finally purchasing big garbage bags.  Symbolic of the need to lighten my load, emotionally and physically.

9. A really awesome massage.

10. All visits and chats with friends and family make my day/week — this goes without saying.  But a highlight this week in that regard was definitely the Google Hangout chat where me and 2 awesome girlfriends discovered the application Scoot and Doodle, where you can draw something together.  This masterpiece was born: best. art. eva.

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