Daily Prompt: A life well-lived

This is my first time using the daily prompt.

When I read the prompt, it scared me that I did not right away come up with a real answer to the question ‘what is a life well-lived to you?’

The first thought I had was about Patti Smith: I just finished reading her memoir Just Kids last night.  As one of those life-changing books, it hit me hard.

In it, she delicately, candidly, poetically writes of her fascinating life: she is/was not only a rock and roll persona, but a poet, visual and performance artist, spending much of her early 20’s around the Chelsea Hotel in it’s heyday.  The story centers around her relationship with artist/photographer Robert Mappelthorpe.

The way that she experienced her (and his) life, art, that love, and the way she has managed to express, build and share her life via creative processes – that is meaningful to me.

The book is written with such absolute presence and clarity that you feel like you are in her shoes, in her head, in her world.  She writes from her innermost soul, and at the same time  manages to be outside of her own head and heart.

Through her story, a procession of vivid moments both inspired and inspiring, the reader can’t help but understand (her) life as the fantastic human experience that it is.

I think the thing I love the most about this book (and about the way she presumably lives her life still today) is that the whole time, she is just free.  Freely creating her life, being herself, doing her own thing, focussed on expressing and sharing and baring her soul every chance she got.  No apologies, no looking back, no regret, always inspired, always helping others, and writing about it all as her truest self.

So, I think a life well-lived means giving yourself the freedom to share real experiences, to create, express, connect, feel, love, be.

Never apologize for who you are.


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One Response to Daily Prompt: A life well-lived

  1. lacyedney says:

    Setting yourself free to be yourself and connect with others. I like that! 🙂

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