2012 and time to (wo)man up: 10 key things that separate the girls from the women

I am writing out a cheesy Top Ten list to celebrate the incoming new year! Why? Well,  I will be turning 34, and starting a new job, that I hope will be a bit of a fresh start.  At least, I have to wear ‘office’ clothes.  It scares me but is also making me reflect on my overall maturity.

I made this list as encouragement for myself to (wo)man up.  I, for one, want to leave all the negative parts of the ‘little girl’ in me behind for good.

1. Girls are spoiled. Women are cherished.

2. Girls are babied. Women are pampered.

3. Girls get excited about wearing high heels. Women know that it’s OK to wear what they are most comfortable in that day.

4. Girls complain about their ‘fat’ parts. Women promote their strengths.

5. Girls expect help. Women help themselves first, then offer it, and know how to ask for it when needed.

6. Girls feel they have to say yes. Women understand how to say ‘no’ with grace.

7. Girls expect a full social calendar on the weekend. Women are OK with taking themselves on a great date.

8. Girls yearn for the attention of others. Women don’t.

9. Girls try to control. Women know that letting go of this urge is a true key to happiness.

10.  Girls gossip and create drama. Women help their friends with problems and demonstrate real compassion, but without ‘taking on’ the stress themselves. They know how to separate their problems from their friends’ problems.